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Bellingham Residential Garage Door Accessories

Designed with your convenience as our top priority, Overhead Doors™ accessories complement Overhead Doors™garage doors and  garage door openers, Each accessory enhances your garage door experience, enabling you to maximize the convenience of garage door operation. All Overhead Doors™ residential garage door accessories are designed to be compatible with products equipped with the CodeDodger® Rolling Code Access Security System.

Each of our garage door accessories empowers you to fully leverage the available features, allowing you to relish the utmost safety and convenience while operating your Overhead Doors garage door and garage door opener. Overhead Doors™ Brand has just what you need. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each type of garage door operator has its own set of advantages and considerations. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. We offer several types of garage door openers in Bellingham including:

  • Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener: Quieter than chain openers, these use a rubber belt to open and close the door.

  • Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener: This is a common and affordable option that uses a chain to operate the garage door. It’s durable but can be a bit noisy.

  • Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener: These use a threaded steel rod to move the trolley that opens and closes the door. They are known for their reliability and require less maintenance.

  • Smart Garage Door Openers: These are equipped with advanced technology, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door using a smartphone app. They often include features like remote access, security alerts, and scheduling.

  • Battery Backup Garage Door Openers: These models have a backup battery system, ensuring that your garage door can still be operated during power outages.

  • Commercial Garage Door Operators: Designed for heavy-duty use in commercial settings, these operators are built to handle high traffic and larger doors.

Yes. OHD Anywhere™ allows you to control your garage door effortlessly with your fingertips. Using the OHD Anywhere™ app you can control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with your Apple® iPhone, Android phone, or device.

OHD Anywhere™ uses a sensor attached to your garage door which is an important security advantage compared to other systems that monitor the opener instead of the garage door position. Using OHD Anywhere™ you’re alerted when the garage door changes to the fully open or closed position, even if the door is operated manually. OHD Anywhere™ delivers convenience, control, and peace of mind all in the palm of your hand. Door Sensor always knows if your door is open, or closed, or if there is any change to the door position.

Immediate Alerts are sent to your phone whenever your garage door is operated. This remote control lets you remotely open and close the door from anywhere in the world, allowing access to deliveries, repairmen, or friends at the touch of a button. You can monitor Up To 3 doors on any single OHD Anywhere™ unit. Additional sensors must be purchased separately.

Garage Door Accessories We Offer

Garage Door Openers

Behind every good garage door is an efficient and reliable garage door opener. Overhead Doors™ Brand combines cutting-edge technology with maximum power to provide an automatic garage door opener that is quick, quiet, durable, and built to last.

Our full line of automatic openers feature a variety of power levels and specifications to perfectly match your garage door. Each opener also comes with a set of built-in, standard functions for your ultimate safety, convenience, and reliability.

Garage Door Remote Controls

  • 1-button remote control: This remote is compatible with all Overhead Doors garage door openers manufactured from 1993 to the present. It features one large button to allow for easy operation of a compatible garage door opener. This remote works with CodeDodger® technology. With Automatic Frequency Seek, it looks for either 315 or 390 frequency and helps to ensure operator reliability. It controls 1 CodeDodger® Garage Door Opener.

  • 2-button remote control with LED flashlight: This remote features a LED flashlight and Auto Seek Dual Frequency. It’s compatible with all Overhead Doors™ garage door openers manufactured from 1995. This convenient, secure remote will operate up to 2 CodeDodger® garage door openers and features a powerful LED flashlight. The LED light stays on for 4 minutes or until the flashlight button is pressed again.

  • 3-button remote control: This remote is compatible with up to 3 CodeDodger® Overhead Door garage door openers manufactured from 1993 to the present. This 3-button remote features the secure CodeDodger® technology and Automatic Frequency Seeking, helping to ensure secure and reliable operation. it can control up to 3 CodeDodger® garage door openers

  • Master remote control with garage door accessories: This remote offers streamlined access with Advanced Control. It is compatible with all Overhead Doors™ garage door openers manufactured from 1993 to the present. This remote communicates with up to three garage door openers via an Overhead Doors™ Network Adapter (sold separately), which plugs into the opener. It features a sleek and compact design that provides intuitive use and function and user-programmable buttons for maximum functionality. The Master remote is compatible with 3 CodeDodger® garage door openers. It Integrates with CodeDodger® 1 and CodeDodger® 2 technology.

Garage Door Keypads

Digital Wireless Keypad: No need for a remote or keys to enter your home. It’s easy with our Overhead Door™ Digital Wireless Keypad featuring a flip-up cover and allows you to control up to 3 CodeDodger® garage door openers. Our Digital Wireless Keypad provides secure door entry for up to three Overhead Door™ garage door openers. The Flip-Up Cover Design is made of tough, weather- resistant plastic which includes an additive that protects against ultraviolet sun damage. The cover allows for ease of removal without tools. Its fully illuminated, easy-to-read, lighted buttons offer greater visibility and securely open up to three different doors

Garage Door Sensors (also known as Photo Eyes)

Garage door sensors allow the garage door to automatically stop closing and reverse when objects pass through the infrared beam. The Self-Diagnostic Safe-T-Beam® System alerts you when there is improper installation or malfunctions with your garage door. This system helps prevent dangerous garage door accidents like small children or pets running under the door. The pattern the LED lights display will show you a code that represents exactly what the issue is. This capability will make it effortless for you to pinpoint the potential problems that your garage door might be having.

Benefits of Garage Door Accessories

Some of the benefits garage door accessories we offer in Bellingham include::

Enhanced Functionality

Residential garage door accessories can make garage door operation smoother and more efficient. Whether it’s through advanced opening mechanisms, smart technology integrations, or battery backups, these add-ons significantly improve the functionality of your garage door, providing convenience and ease of use.

Improved Safety

Safety accessories, like motion sensors and security lights, can offer additional protection to your garage, helping prevent accidents and unauthorized access. These elements work together to create a safer environment for both your family and your possessions.

Customized Appearance

With a wide range of aesthetic accessories available, you can tailor the look of your garage door to complement your home’s style. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or unique appearance, various decorative hardware and window options can help achieve the desired aesthetic, making your garage door a reflection of your personal taste and style.

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