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In case your garage door opener malfunctions, our dedicated service crew will be there fast to get your garage door operator back in working condition.

Whether your garage door opener is not receiving a signal from your transmitter, a gear has gone bad, there is an issue with the safety photo eyes, or your opener isn’t running at all, Overhead Door Company™ will send one of our highly trained and skilled technicians to your home or business quickly to inspect the problem and resolve the issue.

In situations where your opener is beyond repair, replace it with the industry standard, Overhead Door™ opener. We offer a full line of residential openers and commercial operators to select from.


Garage door opener repair decisions should be based on the cost and nature of the repair, the age and reliability of the opener, and your budget. Repairing a residential garage door opener can be worth it under certain circumstances:

Cost-Effective: If the issue with the opener is minor and the repair cost is relatively low compared to the cost of a new opener, repairing it can be cost-effective.

Newer Opener: If your garage door opener is relatively new, still under warranty, or has modern features you value, repairing it can extend its lifespan and provide continued benefits.

Environmental Considerations: Replacing an entire garage door opener contributes to waste and environmental impact. Repairing a malfunctioning opener can be a more eco-friendly choice.

Compatibility: If you have a specific preference for your current opener or it matches the existing setup perfectly, repairing it can maintain compatibility with your garage door system.

Immediate Need: Repairing the opener can quickly resolve the issue and restore the functionality of your garage door, which is essential for security and convenience.

Budget Constraints: If your budget is limited, and the repair cost is within your means, repairing the opener may be the most practical option.

Simple Repairs: Some garage door opener issues, like sensor misalignment or remote control problems, can be simple and inexpensive to fix, making repair a sensible choice.

Consult one of our expert Overhead Door® repair technicians for valuable insights and recommendations about your garage door opener.

Diagnosing a garage door opener problem involves a systematic approach to identify the issue. Here are steps to help diagnose common problems:

  • Visual Inspection: Look for visible damage or loose wires.

  • Listen for Noises: Pay attention to unusual sounds during operation.

  • Test Wall Switch: Check if the wall switch is functioning.

  • Remote Control Testing: Test the remote control(s).

  • Safety Sensors: Ensure safety sensors are aligned and unobstructed.

  • Limit Switch Adjustment: Adjust limit switches for door travel.

  • Safety Reverse Test: Check if the safety reverse feature is working.

  • Photoelectric Sensors: Clean and align photoelectric sensors.

Always disconnect the opener’s power source before conducting any repairs or adjustments for safety reasons.

Common steps for addressing problems include checking power sources, inspecting and adjusting remote controls, ensuring proper sensor alignment, replacing broken springs professionally, performing routine maintenance tasks, inspecting the motor for damage, aligning tracks, adjusting limit switches, and re-programming remotes when needed. Safety precautions, especially concerning spring-related repairs, are important. Seek professional assistance if problems persist or if you’re unsure about the issue. Prioritize safety throughout the troubleshooting and repair process.

The average lifespan of a garage door opener typically ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, the actual longevity can vary based on the quality of the opener, frequency of use, maintenance, and environmental conditions. High-quality openers with regular maintenance may last longer, while lower-quality models may have a shorter lifespan. It’s a good practice to monitor the opener’s performance and consider replacement if it frequently malfunctions, becomes noisy, or exhibits safety issues.

Whether it’s better to fix or replace a garage door opener depends on the specific situation and the extent of the problem. Here are some considerations to help you decide:

Repair the Garage Door Opener If:

  • Minor Issues: If the problem is minor, such as a loose wire, sensor misalignment, or worn-out remote, it’s usually cost-effective to repair.
  • Relatively New Opener: If your opener is relatively new and still under warranty, repairing it may be the best option to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Budget Constraints: If your budget is limited and the repair cost is significantly lower than replacement, it makes sense to opt for repairs.
  • Minimal Wear and Tear: If the opener is in overall good condition with minimal wear and tear, fixing the specific issue may extend its lifespan.


Replace the Garage Door Opener If:

  • Age: If the opener is nearing the end of its typical lifespan and experiences frequent issues, replacement may be more cost-effective.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: If you’re constantly repairing the opener due to malfunctions, the unit is becoming unreliable, and replacement is advisable.
  • Safety Concerns: If the opener lacks modern safety features or exhibits erratic behavior that poses safety risks, replace it with a newer, safer model.
  • Technology Upgrades: To integrate your garage door opener with smart home technology or if it’s no longer compatible with new vehicle opener systems, replacement may be necessary.
  • Energy Efficiency: Newer models come with energy-efficient features that save you money on utility bills, making replacement a sensible choice.

Some of the more common garage door repair issues include: 

  • Spring Replacement (Torsion or Extension Springs): Replacing broken or worn-out springs to maintain balanced door operation.
  • Opener Repairs: Addressing motor malfunctions, remote control problems, and safety sensor issues in garage door openers.
  • Track Alignment: Correcting misaligned or bent tracks that can cause uneven door movement or jams.
  • Roller Replacement: Replacing worn or damaged rollers to improve the smoothness of door operation.
  • Cable Repair: Fixing frayed or snapped cables, which are crucial for safe door movement.
  • Panel Replacement: Replacing damaged door panels caused by accidents or weather exposure.
  • Sensor Adjustment: Aligning and cleaning safety sensors to ensure proper door closure.
  • Remote Control Issues: Troubleshooting problems with garage door remote controls, such as battery replacements and signal interference.
  • Weatherstripping Replacement: Replacing worn weatherstripping to enhance insulation and weather protection.
  • Lock Repairs: Addressing malfunctioning locks to maintain garage security.
  • Hinge Repairs: Replacing worn or damaged hinges that may cause squeaking or binding.
  • Limit Switch Adjustment: Adjusting limit switches to ensure the door opens and closes fully.

Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are essential for the longevity and safe operation of your garage door system. These issues and others can also be problems for a commercial garage door. Reach out to one of our Overhead Door® professional technicians for accurate diagnosis and timely resolution of these common issues.

A well-maintained garage door opener can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Some high-quality models may last even longer. Regular maintenance, like lubricating moving parts, keeping the tracks clean, and checking for loose bolts or screws, can help extend the life of your garage door opener. 

Yes, garage door openers can weaken over time due to factors like wear and tear, spring wear, lack of maintenance, overuse, aging technology, environmental conditions, and misalignment. This leads to decreased performance, making it more difficult  for the opener to lift the door efficiently.

Replacing a garage door motor can be a complex task that requires technical skills and knowledge of electrical systems. It involves disconnecting and removing the old motor, wiring the new one correctly, and ensuring it’s compatible with your garage door opener system. Most homeowners should hire a professional garage door technician to handle motor replacement due to safety hazards and complexities involved. Professional technicians, like ours at Overhead Door®, will ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

You can determine if your garage door motor is burned out by observing these signs:

No Response: If the opener doesn’t respond to remote control or wall button commands, it could indicate a burned-out motor.

Unusual Noises: If you hear grinding, buzzing, or unusual noises when attempting to operate the door, it may suggest motor issues.

Partial Movement: If the door starts to move but doesn’t open or close fully, the motor may be struggling or damaged.

Overheating Smell: A burnt motor can emit a distinct overheating or burning smell.

Reset Failure: Trying to reset the motor or opener without success may signal a motor problem.

Visual Inspection: Examine the motor unit for visible signs of damage, like burn marks or melted components.

If you experience any of these signs, contact us at Overhead Door® so we can schedule a maintenance visit, diagnose the issue and determine whether the motor needs replacement or repair.

Common reasons for a garage door not responding to your remote or keypad are:

  • Battery Issues: Check and replace dead or low batteries in the remote control or keypad.
  • Signal Interference: Nearby electronic devices can disrupt signals. Relocate devices or change the remote’s frequency.
  • Programming Errors: Ensure correct programming of the remote or keypad according to manufacturer instructions.
  • Locked Mode: Some openers have a lock mode that disables remote operation; deactivate it.
  • Faulty Remote: A damaged or malfunctioning remote may not send signals correctly; consider replacement or repair.
  • Keypad Code: Double-check and reset the access code if using a keypad.
  • Opener Problems: Opener issues, like a burnt-out motor or circuitry problems, can disrupt signal reception; consult a technician.
  • Sensor Obstruction: Ensure the safety sensors at the bottom of the door are unobstructed and aligned for proper operation.

Common garage door opener malfunctions include:


  • Electrical Issues: Power surges or tripped breakers disrupt operation.
  • Remote Problems: Dead batteries, interference, or damage affect remote control.
  • Sensor Obstruction: Misaligned or dirty safety sensors prevent proper function.
  • Spring Breakage: Worn-out or broken springs strain the opener.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Neglect leads to worn-out components.
  • Motor Trouble: Overheating or gear damage hinders the opener.
  • Track Misalignment: Bent tracks cause uneven movement.
  • Limit Switches: Require adjustment or replacement if malfunctioning.
  • Remote Programming: Incorrect or lost programming affects communication.
  • Age and Wear: Components wear out with time, affecting efficiency.

If you notice a significant decrease in performance, consult an Overhead Door® expert garage door opener technician for diagnosis and repair to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The gentleman who repaired our garage door was extremely effective, efficient, polite and professional. It was a pleasure meeting him. The costs were reasonable, too!

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