Overhead Door Company of Bellingham™

Destiny® 1500 Screw Drive Garage Opener

Our best opener! The ultimate in power and speed, with a minimum maintenance screw-drive system.

Key Features of the Destiny® 1500 Screw Drive Opener

The Destiny® 1500 screw drive garage opener is intended for sectional doors up to 14 feet high and one-piece doors up to 8 feet high. Our screw-drive system is maintenance-free, requires no additional lubrication, and provides the ultimate power and speed.


  • DC Power from our strongest 1-1/4 HPc, 140V DC motor delivers the power to lift almost any residential door up to 750 lbs.
  • Quiet Operation comes from powerful 1 HPc, 140V motor with whisper quiet operation.
  • Max Speed up to 12.0 in/second.
  • CodeDodger® Access Security System selects from billions of combinations each time your remote or wireless keypad, providing the utmost security for your home.
  • DoorDetect™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology brings added safety to your home. This system’s advanced technology stops when abnormal operation is detected.
  • Self-diagnostic Safe-T-Beam® senses when objects pass through the infrared beam, automatically stopping and then reversing the door.
  • Car2U® and HomeLink® Compatible for your convenience.
  • Smart Phone Compatible via our OHD Anywhere™ attachment, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door from your smartphone.